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Great content is one of the highest rates of return you can make investing in your business.


I work with medium sized to large businesses that have a designated marketing and content budget, as well as seasoned pubs. However, if you're a solo-preneur, start-up or small business and have a budget in mind, I love to work with you to offer content that fits it. 

Below are a range of rates you can expect. I work on contract, project or retainer basis, deliver on time, and edit until you're totally thrilled with the results. 


For an exact quote, we'll schedule a short call and I'll send you a quote within a day. I'm thrilled to work with you, and look forward to hearing about your project! 


I carefully craft posts that are aligned with your content goals and brand tone. I include search engine optimized content and titles. You can expect OCD-level attention to detail and fact-checking!

Up to 500 words- $175+

Evergreen content- $250+


I include revisions, SEO and research to understand your brand and goals. Let's chat!

Per page: $250+


Depending on the scope and size of the project, I offer whitepapers, case studies, and reports: $850+

Let's get started! Reach out with questions or for a quote, and I'll respond in one business day. 

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