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Strategic Content for Tech, Lifestyle, and Education Brands


Hello Marketing Managers and Start-up Entrepreneurs!

Thanks for landing here!

When it comes to your content strategy, right now...

There's more work than work-week to do it in (for real, people).

 You're on the hunt for an experienced and reliable content writer who gets up to speed fast, and has wins in SEO and Social Media best practices.

You need pitch-perfect content for your brand audience. 

You want highly shareable blog posts, actionable landing pages, white papers, case studies, and on-tone product descriptions.

With over one-million page views, thousands of social shares, and hundreds of published pieces for recognized brands, I'm thrilled to help your next project be a success. 


"Writer for Hire"


Why Tech, Lifestyle and Education? 

I have written for tech almost from the beginning. The best part of my job is making hard concepts easy to understand—and intriguing. Intricate processes, and technical jargon are my "buddies".

I feel comfortable and confident in making it simple for your audience. 


I'm also a credentialed teacher (...where the best part of my job has been to make hard concepts easy to understand—and intriguing enough to actually apply.) I've equally loved teaching algebra and English composition. I've also  written hundreds of pages of curriculum and developed lesson plans across subjects, scaffolded for learning styles and needs. 


While in college, before home decor and style had dedicated television networks—or words like "upcycle" were a thing—you could find me in a hardware store on an odd Friday night, pulling together a piece of goodwill furniture with fresh paint and pulls.


I've written in these spaces for 8 years, primarily in tech or tech-related tools, but always with an eye on good research (it's the journalism training), and the right tone. 

Content Writing Services

  • Blogging

  • Pamphlets

  • Newsletters

  • Reports and Case Studies

  • Website copy and Landing page CTAs

  • Ghostwriting for CEOs and Presidents 

  • Writing for Video

  • Social Posts and Social Media Marketing

  • Editorial Calendar


I'm an inbound marketing SEO content writer, and I work with start-ups, as well as recognized brands to create engaging content that helps grow your audience and lead-base. 

Editorial Writing Combined with SEO Skills

So what does that mean for you? You'll have a dedicated contractor who knows how to approach content with an eye for engagement, and SEO positioning. I love making your business look awesome, and bringing more leads through your digital door. 


What You Can Expect 

I like to meet with you, to ask a lot of questions about you, your business, and what you offer. Whether you need fresh content, or an overhaul, we'll always work with the end goals in mind:

An online footprint that's professional, high-quality, helpful—that ranks well in Google search.


My Background:


  • journalism degree: indeed

  • inbound certified: check 

  • SEO proficient, and armed with numerous SEO tools: yes!

  • research junkie: love to

  • Google Analytics proficient: yep

  • Wordpress savvy: word

  • diagram a sentence like a geek-hero: yes (shhh.)

  • credentialed, experienced teacher: for 10+ years

I've worked in agencies, worked for agencies, and I am also a teacher. I envisioned a career where I both taught and wrote. So, I had a dual career for 8 years, but I'm currently writing full-time. Teaching has taught me how to learn and to explain concepts simply, clearly, and with good examples. I've found those to be invaluable skills in writing, too. 

I love helping clients grow in the digital space, no matter what your goals are, with equal parts humor, creativity, and commitment.


Writer Icon


SEO-based click-worthy blog posts and a never-ending supply of editorial ideas for your brand. 

Reading Icon


White papers and Case Studies tailor-made to create more leads, and solve your customers' pain points.  


Site Copy

Update your site with copy that converts, and search engine-optimized content to attract more customers. 



“Tricia Mool’s guest post was the top traffic grabber in the last 30 days.”

Carol Tice, Make a Living Writing Blog


“Tricia was freelance contributor to the Rival IQ blog. I loved working with her, not only because she authors great content, but because she brings a high level of professionalism, quality and creativity to each project. She also watches for key trends in the market and pitches story ideas to keep RivalIQ relevant to the organization’s target audience. Her writing requires almost no editing, which is a rarity, and which led to us giving her more work. I trust her ideas. I would work with Tricia again in a second, and I’d highly recommend hiring her for editorial work which requires a high level of quality and pizazz!” -Margaret Dawson, Global Product Marketing, Red Door

Margaret Dawson, Global Product Marketing, Red Hat


"Tricia supported our data-driven blogging efforts. The quality of her work is remarkable and her professionalism is second to none. What amazed me most about Tricia is how versatile and dynamic she is. The breadth of her marketing knowledge spans many channels and tactics. You can bounce ideas off her one day and she’ll craft an amazing piece of content for you in 48 hours. These skill sets give Tricia an incredible edge in writing content that produces results. Tricia is an indispensable asset to any growing marketing team, and I’m eager to kick-off our next project together."

Chris Gadek, Head of Growth, Doorman


"Tricia started working with us after responding to one of our tweets. It was clear that she reached out to us after doing her homework on our company and niche. 

She hit the ground running and has continued to impress me with her professionalism, understanding of our niche and writing. Her ability to take concepts and ideas and consistently create compelling engaging content is mind boggling. She requires very little direction and executes with precision. We will be working with Tricia as long as she has time for us. 

Tricia is a professional in every sense of the word and highly recommend her."

Michael Lamb, President, nativeMsg


"Tricia was a strong editorial partner for AIU, with a clear and consistent writing style that is in line with our audience needs. She’s great with deadlines as well as status communications and is able to tackle a diverse array of topics adeptly. Tricia also has the ability to bring a fresh angle to potentially dry topics, a very valued skill."

Alison Mortland, Social Media Manager and Content Strategist, American Intercontinental University


"Tricia is a very detail oriented writer. Her articles are on the mark while deadlines are promptly met. Excellent communication."

Ruud Hein, Senior SEO and Web Publisher, Search Engine People


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